New Certifications


EEOC and OFCCP-compliant assessment company distinguishes Terry Barnhart with two professional certifications in CPBA and CPMA certifications.

Modesto, CA, July, 2013 – TTI Success Insights, the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessments has designated Terry Barnhart of The Corporate College a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA) in June 2013.

With the CPBA certification, Barnhart is qualified to help individuals attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. Bill J. Bonnstetter, Chairman of TTI Success Insights and Target Training International said, “In order to understand our relationships with other people, we must first understand ourselves.” The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in one’s work and personal life, and effective interaction begins with an accurate perception of oneself.

With the CPMA certification, Barnhart is qualified to help individuals attain a greater knowledge of the why of their actions, which with application and coaching can tremendously impact an individual’s valuing of life. Once a person knows the motivations that drive his or her actions, that person will immediately be able to understand the causes of conflict.

Dedicated to making organizations better through the design, education and implementation of assessment-based talent management solutions, TTI Success Insights maximizes the performance and satisfaction of employees, while increasing business results for corporations around the world. With its validated, EEOC compliant assessment tools that are free from adverse impact, TTI Success Insights operates through a global distribution network of independent consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers and strategic partners. Serving a domestic client base of Fortune 1000 companies, its international clientele exist in 90 countries worldwide. More information at


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