At The Corporate College we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Below are some recent comments which show we mean what we say:

 “Your one-on-one techniques assisted us in solving and mastering some very important issues that have benefited our business tremendously.”
David Boring
Owner/Creative Director, Never Boring Design

“I cannot say enough great things about Terry and his ability to inspire, even the most unlikely individuals, to embrace change and grow to new heights. Having such a dedicated executive coach on our side has definitely given us the advantage to stay on the cutting edge of a fiercely competitive industry.”
Brent Burnside
Owner, Burnside Body Shop

“I heartedly recommend Terry Barnhart as a business coach. Terry is able to analyze the critical elements in a leadership or business problem and then works with you on successful resolutions. He is fantastic at identifying resistance to change and success and in recommending methods to address such challenges.”
George A Petrulakis
Attorney at Law, Petrulakis, Jensen & Friedrich, LLP

“I completed a course in sales training. Because of my difficulty in dealing directly with the public, I was not able to successfully grow my computer networking business. In spite of what people might think about this industry, it is definitely a people-oriented business, and without the skills to effectively communicate with the public, no one was willing to engage my services. Terry patiently worked with me each week as he counseled me through our sales course, and the results of his work are nothing short of fantastic. My business has grown exponentially, and I now have to budget my time selecting only those areas of work that are most profitable to me.”
Ernie Rader
Valley Network Engineers

“Terry is the ideal person to lead corporate training. Terry is always upbeat and positive. I have witnessed him at meetings and as the speaker for Modesto Chamber of Commerce seminars. People light up around him!  His professionalism and enthusiasm have been a positive influence on my business and on my personal achievements since the first day I began his course. By applying his knowledge and insight to my personal situation he led me to change. His ability to ask questions leads people and teams to the right conclusions for themselves. He teaches by asking the right questions. He shows you how to overcome and achieve at any level. His very presence makes people enthusiastic about who they are and what they are doing!  I have witnessed him pull together this same commitment and excitement out of teams and conferences.”
Don Fernandes
Vail Creek Jewelry Designers


“Thank you for helping the Modesto Chamber of Commerce reach new heights through the development of a strategic plan.  Your insightful questions and business experience proved to be invaluable through the process!”
Gary Plummer
President/CEO, Modesto Chamber of Commerce

“Terry Barnhart is someone who “Walks the Talk” and is an example of what leadership and executive coaching can do to better benefit your own personal life.”
Todd Barton
2nd Vice President-Wealth Management

“Terry has assisted me during a difficult transition in my life and is continuing to assist me as a coach.  Terry provided an assessment that assisted me by acknowledging my positive traits that I never saw; I only saw my negative traits.  Through the assessment he gave, I am turning my negative thoughts into positive ones and looking at my strengths and starting to use them to my benefit.  Terry is a very motivating person who has a positive outlook on life.  Terry is a very confident individual and I would recommend him for any corporate training, as you will benefit from working with him and learning what he has to share”.
Peggy O’Donnell
President, Adventures in Advertising – Mid Valley Promotions