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Hire Right for the Right Employee


I received a newsletter recently from an Executive Recruiter who basically said  that companies need to lower their expectations when hiring because there are no perfect employees and no perfect jobs.

Frankly, that’s a cop-out by the recruiter.  This recruiter has been in the recruiting business for years, and has not changed the way he recruits.  Most hiring decisions made in this country are based on intuition, and according to a study by Michigan State University, these hiring decisions fail 83% of the time.

We can do better than that!

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

                                             W. L. Bateman

Most hiring decisions are made based on competency alone.  Competency meaning skills and knowledge, the education, and experience.  Very few people are measuring the most important aspect of any hire, the behaviors and motivators that the person being hired brings to work!

I will agree with the recruiter that there may be no perfect jobs, but that’s because the employer has not properly described the job and matched the employee to the job.  We call this process Job Benchmarking.

  • Is this an easy process?  Yes.
  • Does it take some work? Yes.
  • Will you get a better matched employee? Yes.
  • Will it cost you some money?  Yes.
  • Will it save you money?  Emphatically, yes!

This process will even make you more money because you now will have a productive employee who knows exactly what he or she gets paid to do, and knows exactly how he or she gets measured.

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Hiring the wrong person is expensive.  Hiring the right person is a strong investment with a powerful return.